Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Doing the Asking

When He Asked:

Nathanial and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary in a few weeks.  Time is flying by! I thought I would take a few days to share about our wedding to celebrate.

Nathanial and I were engaged in July 2013.  I suspected a proposal for weeks and after weeks of being wrong I decided to push it out of my mind even though all the signs were there that evening. Nathanial suggested a fancy date early that week to celebrate one of our earliest dates - our ice cream anniversary as he put it.  See what I mean about the signs being there.  A bogus anniversary dinner in the middle of the week. When I arrived at his apartment that night he had two dozen roses waiting on me.  He again played it off as being part of the fake dating anniversary.  We went to a nice dinner and after dinner he kept stalling to leave but I didn't think anything of it. I started walking towards the door and turned around when I noticed he wasn't following.  And there he was; down on one knee. His favorite part of the proposal is that my first response was "Nuh Uh." Of course I wanted to marry him but after weeks of suspecting a proposal, the middle of a restaurant was the last place I expected it to happen.

After leaving the restaurant, we drove to my hometown and got ice cream with my parents bringing the whole thing full circle.  We called the rest of our family from the car to tell them the good news. It started to feel anti-climatic to spit out the news first thing so when I called my brother I decided to say "Our family is growing" to build the excitement.  Not the best idea. We both laughed a lot when he realized I meant I was engaged and not pregnant.

When I Asked:
I knew I wanted to ask my bridal party in a creative way so after we set a date, I got to crafting.

To ask my girls, I stocked up on thick card stock, cute buttons, thread, cute scrapbook paper, pink ink and of course pink confetti.  I made accordion fold outs tied together with the button and thread.

I printed "Will you be my bridesmaid" on individual squares and then rubbed the edges of each square through the pink ink.

Next I decoupaged cardboard boxes with cute scrapbook paper.  I filled the boxes with the accordion notes, a ring pop, pink confetti and then tied them with a pretty bow.

I also wanted to ask my niece and nephew to be a part of the day in a special way.

To ask Kate, I painted a blank puzzle pink and sprayed it with glitter.  Then I wrote "Will you be our flower girl" and finished decorating the puzzle with glittery flowers.  She was so excited when she put it together.

I gave my Zachary a big jar of bubble gum with a note that said "Don't burst my bubble; Will you be in our wedding?"

Our wedding day was everything I dreamed of and more and was made even more special by the people standing by us.

This spontaneous shot is one of my favorites from the day.

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