Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Glitter and Gold: A Recipe for a Great New Year

We rang in the New Year with a low key evening with friends.  It was such a fun night made even better by not having to brave the cold! I made a ton of food and we had a blast playing games.  If you want your next party to be full of laughs, I'd definitely recommend HedBanz and Game of Things. Both were so funny!

I got some cute decorations from Target and went with a black and gold theme.

I opted for a menu of  appetizer like food for the evening and it was perfect.  I made Hawaiian Roll ham sliders, bbq sliders, mini pizzas, pigs in a blanket, queso and salsa and the infamous corn dip.

Corn dip is my favorite go-to recipe. It's easy to make and is always a hit. I've shared this recipe several times but decided before posting it to the blog, I should get the proper recipe from Grandma Ada.

A few comments about this recipe. I vary the ingredients often based on the audience. If it's a group I'm not familiar with then I scale back the jalapenos and might add more corn if it smells too spicy. If it's for people who can handle some spice, I'll use the whole can of jalapenos.  I typically use Mexican blend cheese and rarely actually measure it.  If my nephew Zachary will be around, I always make a double batch.  A few times I've even made this recipe with yellow corn. I love how forgiving the recipe is. It's always yummy no matter the variation.

I'll also be the first to admit that I'm not a huge fan of Fritos. They would never be my choice of chip. Except for this recipe. It really is the perfect pairing!

I had an extra can of corn while making this batch because I knew my Alaskan friends were anti-spicy foods :)

Mixing goes a lot better when your cream cheese is softened.

My friend Amanda texted me recently to say that this recipe is a staple at her family events now too. I hope this recipe is a hit for you too!

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