Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Problem with Working Out

A year ago today, we were at a baseball game that didn't start until 10 p.m. Tonight, I'll be lucky to stay up much past 10. Oh the difference a year and a few thousand miles make. 

I've been really diligent about working out again lately. Mostly because I accidentally signed up for the Houston Marathon. Yes, accidentally. When we moved, the Houston Marathon utilized a lottery system. I convinced myself to tackle my bucket list goal of running a full marathon with the justification that I probably wouldn't even get in. Imagine my surprise when I immediately got a "congratulations; you're registered" email. Apparently the lottery system has gone away and I need to be better about reading before making a purchase. 

I've been taking an intense spin class over the last few weeks in the hope of getting rid of the leg pain that has plagued me for the last few running seasons. I ran for the first time in a bit on Saturday and was so excited to have no leg pain and to shave 3 minutes off my mile time. Hard work really does pay off! I am loving the results I'm seeing from working out but there are some things I don't love. 

1) Laundry. Not only do I have to shower and change clothes several times a day, but I also have to keep washing my workout clothes.

2) Clothes. Actually doing workouts in my workout clothes means my choices for lounge wear are limited. I guess I need more yoga pants. I take classes with the same people, so I also have to make sure not to repeat outfits too often. 

3) Pain. Part of me loves being sore because I feel like I've accomplished something, but then I have to sit down and I no longer love being sore. 

4)Addiction. Not only is it addicting to get my endorphins going, to earn points for working out with my employer (that can be spent on things like purses, gift cards, etc.) but now I keep finding things to sign up for. Marathon: check. Training group for the marathon: check. 10 million shorter races between now and January: probably check. 

5)Heat. Probably my least favorite thing about working out right now is our geographic location. The Texas heat has me whining and missing Alaska daily.

Before and after: workout edition