Monday, January 26, 2015

More Cowbell

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. Super adult like right? I used the last of the eggs and milk to make Nathanial's breakfast this morning and going to the store when the Weather app said it feels like -15 didn't sound inviting. It's supposed to warm up to 6 later today so I'll bundle up and go then.

This weekend actually felt like I imagined Alaska in the winter.  A few more days of single and negative digit temperatures and I'm going to need to add long johns to the rotation and maybe even a skhoop (see this post for more on that.)

Our weekend was good.  We checked out another hockey game and joined the ranks of an "elite" group called the Cowbell Crew. It was our third game this season so we decided to become legit fans and buy a cowbell.  It really makes the cheering a lot more fun unless you're sitting next to us.

Nathanial planned the game as a Men's Night Out event for our Sunday School class.  They graciously allowed me and some of the other wives to attend. We didn't bother them too much except to ask for caramel apple money. Haha.

We started out the night at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Some of our friends hadn't experienced the greatness of B-Dubs so we were glad to introduce them.

After dinner we headed out to the game. It was Super Hero themed night so naturally we went as ourselves.

The game was pretty tame - no fights even broke out- until the last period when our team tied it up and sent the game into a sudden death overtime.

Nathanial and I didn't make it on the kiss cam but there's always next time.

It was a fun night with some fun peeps!

We didn't make it on the selfie screen either.

I did manage to accidentally hit someone in the head with a rubber hockey puck.  A local organization hosts a Chuck a Puck contest during the second intermission. You pay $5 and get three numbered pucks to throw on the ice. If your puck lands in the middle of a board they put down you win a cash prize. I think it was $2800 this weekend. We went down to the lower level to throw our pucks. It was a lot lighter than I expected and that paired with my bracelet flying off made for a bad throwing combination.  The lady I hit laughed it off and re-threw the puck for me.  It still wasn't a winner. 

* Thanks to my friend Ardy for the pics!

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  1. There's nothing wrong with PB&J for breakfast... I do it myself occasionally. Love the blogs!