Thursday, January 15, 2015

Because in Alaska : Part 2

I thought I would do a second installment of Because in Alaska today.  Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day and almost forget we're in Alaska. Then I remember; because in Alaska:

  • It's perfectly normal to see moose hanging at the local McDonald's.

When you're a Texan in Alaska, it's also normal to pull in to get a closer look. And to be giddy with excitement.  Moose obsession is a real thing.

  • Date night is up close seats to the hockey game

You'll need to wear an outer layer with your team gear because it's really cold (like 4 degrees cold.)

  • You'll need a vehicle with four wheel drive.  
Nathanial is a truck guy once more. Car shopping in the single digits is an interesting experience. Especially when they have to de-ice the vehicle before a test drive.
  • An ice sculpture competition happens in the middle of downtown. 

The sculptors have three days to turn giant chunks of ice into masterpieces.

An Alaskan tool box.

  • Even the mailbox is frozen.

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  1. Soooo glad you guys are here and assimilating nicely to our great state! We love you and Nathanial and appreciate all the southern charm you bring to our Sunday School class! Ardy & Chip