Friday, October 3, 2014

Shake, Rattle and Roll - Thursday, Sept. 25

Well I survived my first earthquake. Actually my first and second.  Last Thursday was an exciting day as my parents were set to arrive in Alaska after a trip to Canada. True to form I was running around trying to complete some last minute tasks right until I needed to leave for the airport to pick them up.  I was in the middle of installing the cabinet doors I spent countless hours staining when the house started shaking.  An earthquake is an extremely weird sensation if you've never felt one.  This particular 'quake was really minor and was nearly complete before I realized what was happening. Our swinging light fixtures and hanging plant were good clues as was Nathanial calling to say "Did you feel that?"

My parents and I left the airport after waiting for some time for my mom's bag which never arrived.  The airline stated a glitch in the system at Seattle meant her bag hadn't been loaded onto the plane but would arrive later in the afternoon. My dad joked that her bag fell out of the plane on the descent which is what caused the earthquake. Post airport, I took them to their first Alaskan dining experience - a local burger joint called Arctic Roadrunner. The food there is good but it's the experience I love.  The whole place has a lodge like feel and the walls are covered with life stories of loyal customers.  It was the perfect welcome to town meal. 

After lunch, we headed back to the house and spent time chatting until Nathanial got home from work.  From there we went to a small town an hour south of Anchorage called Girdwood. The drive down that portion of Highway 1 (yes, the only highway in Alaska) is absolutely breathtaking and Girdwood is home to our favorite restaurant - The Double Musky.

The Double Musky boasts Cajun influence with Alaskan charm.  The food is wonderful (a fact which is backed up by the long lines each day before the restaurant opens.) My Dad is a professed pepper steak aficionado and even he can't stop raving about how good his order was.

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