Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Lately

Things are still moving full steam ahead around here.  I'm a full time home improver these days and have been for the last several weeks.  I am beginning to burn out as I work on home projects all day long, take a break to fix dinner and eat with N and then it's back to work. I know I'm incredibly blessed to have this time to make our house a home and are looking forward to everything being completed.

We're getting closer to wrapping things up which is perfect since my parents will be visiting us next week.  I'm looking forward to all the activities we have planned with them and trying to squeeze a little more sightseeing in before the harsh cold sets in. We've been getting a taste of winter (at least my Texas version) this week with temperatures not getting above fifty and a steady stream of rain. I'll be making a big shopping trip in the next few days as my collection of appropriate (or even closed-toe) shoes is minimal and my selection of long sleeved shirts is even more miniscule.

Such a sad sight. My heels are stowed away for the winter.

All in all life around here seems pretty normal. I almost forget we're in Alaska until I step outside and feel the cool and spot mountains in the distance.  The people here are friendly and we're really enjoying the slower pace and lack of traffic.  However, there are times I wish I had clothing that instantly let people know I was a proud Texan. I realized there are several give aways that let on that I'm not a local, like:

  • Wearing cowboy boots as my shoe staple. They're closed-toe and warm which makes them perfect in my book until entering someone's home requires taking them off at the door.  That part is a little bit of a struggle.
  • Saying y'all. 
  • Asking for queso at ALL Mexican restaurants.  Yes, they have cheese but not cheese dip and asking for said dip will encourage your waiter to make fun of you for the rest of your meal. He'll call you the queso people each time he stops by your table and give you a lesson on things real Mexicans don't eat.  Speaking in Spanish (or your husband doing so) will only egg on the teasing.   Meanwhile, I'm still wondering what appetizer the people of Alaska have at Super Bowl parties if they've never heard of queso. It's also worth noting that the grocery stores don't sell Rotel.
  • Being disappointed when the local doughnut shop doesn't sell kolaches.
    My attempt at homemade kolaches. The recipe still needs some refining.
  • Not having a clue what to order at one of the bazillion espresso stands around town and saying something like "What kind of flavored drinks can you make? I like vanilla and mocha lattes." 
  • Having a Texas license plate.  The white really sticks out in a sea of blue plates. I especially appreciate the plates when I don't particularly know where I'm going and drive like a tourist. 
Unfortunately there are no tell tell signs I'm a proud Baylor Bear. This is especially unfortunate when making a last minute decision to attend an Oklahoma State football watch party wearing neither of the school's colors.  Even if I had been wearing an OSU shirt, I'd still want people to know my Baylor affiliation.  I feel like I'm betraying my school when I'm cheering for another.  All in the name of love, right?  This scenario actually happened on Saturday. I have since remedied the problem by using a Baylor phone case.

Aside from football watching and home improving, we've just been getting into a routine of living here.  We visited the mega store Fred Meyer last week and let me say it didn't disappoint. It's the Buc-ee's of grocery stores and then some. Think Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Academy, Best Buy and Kroger all under one roof and that's what you have.  They have everything from milk to couches to Nike workout clothes.

We've been visiting First Baptist Church for a few weeks and are really enjoying it.  They have an active Young Married Sunday School class we've gotten plugged in to. I attended a great ladies Bible study last night.

Nathanial is doing well in his new position. He's working on some neat pet projects like traction device testing and finalizing an ice helmet prototype.  This week he had a team building event downtown riding Segways.  He seemed to have a really good time except for riding in the rain. I want to try it out too but I'll wait until the Spring.

The mountain views are still breathtaking even in the rain especially when complemented by double rainbows.

This picture does not do it justice. The left rainbow was the brightest I've ever seen.

This weekend we plan to see a movie at our favorite theater (complete with full sized recliners) and take it easy.

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