Monday, October 27, 2014

Because in Alaska

We are famous.  Because in Alaska you can show up a few minutes before the start of a gubernatorial debate and still get seats close to the front.  Our smiling faces were featured heavily in the local news broadcast of the event.

Is my face saying highly concerned citizen or did he really just say that?  Please note the potty mouth guy leaning in behind me.  Nathanial asked him to watch his language at least twice during the debate - not that he listened or anything.  I'd also like to point out my red jacket. N asked me several times during the evening if I wanted to take it off. I said no; it completed my outfit and helped me look the part of a good Republican.  :)

The debate was really interesting and not just because the male moderator had enough rings on his hands to make Charming Charlie jealous.  Both candidates are Republican.  The incumbent has been the governor for the last 5 years, taking over during Sarah Palin's VP run and then winning his own term.  His opponent was a member of the Republican party until deciding to run on an Independent ticket in September.  The lieutenant governor running on the opposing ticket actually won the Democratic primary election before the party opted to slot him on a fusion ticket with the ex-Republican.

Unbeknownst to us, we were sitting on the incumbent side.  We figured that out pretty quickly with the "4 more years" chants that kept erupting from the crowd.  We were handed campaign buttons before we even had a chance to sit down.  I kept mine on my lap because I wasn't ready to commit until listening to the debate.

Aside from being famous, the weekend was really good.  Several things happened that I decided were unique to Alaska.

  •  I was really distracted in our Sunday evening Bible study
Because in Alaska, two large flocks of geese may land in the green space directly across the street from the room you're in.

  • Stoplights can be exciting
Because in Alaska, a HUGE bald eagle may fly right over the car while you're stopped.  This happened Saturday but I wasn't able to get my phone in time for a picture.

  • Fall decor loses its appeal
Because in Alaska,your pumpkin on the porch will get covered in snow.

  • I learned to be intentional about shoe selection
Because in Alaska, you are expected to remove your shoes as soon as you get through the door which makes cowboy boots a little tricky.

  • I decided Costco isn't that great
Because in Alaska, the entire state shows up there on Sundays. And you might have to return twice the next day to get your snow tires installed.  Which might involved a three hour wait.  Thank goodness for good book recommendations.

  • I hope people leave comments
Because in Alaska, boredom may lead to excessive blog viewership tracking. My blog has received over 1,000 views but only 2 comments.


  1. I love your blog and I'm so excited to read all about your adventures in Alaska! The red jacket is very Sarah Palin of you. :) Have you picked the candidate that will get your vote?

    1. Haha! As long as we're not talking the Sarah Palin version that picks bar fights I appreciate that comment.

  2. I don't decorate the outside of my house either because I can't see except when I'm coming or going (and pumpkins go missing in my neighborhood, like, a lot). Stick to the indoor décor, buy some pumpkin spice candles and you're set! Let me know if you have a Sarah Palin sighting!

    1. With the weather here like it is, I understand how retailers skip Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's hard to think of fall when everything is snowy and it's 20 degrees outside. I've almost depleted my collection of Yankee candles. I'm definitely looking forward to being able to stock up at Bath & Body Works and Maggie's when we visit Texas for Thanksgiving!

    2. Comments and bacon soap? Y'all really are the best!! :)