Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fireplace View

I'm currently sitting in front of my fireplace wearing Ugg boats and my heaviest sweater.  We skipped over fall the last few days and right into winter. This morning I met a friend from church for a much needed mani/pedi.  Our appointment was at 10 and I failed to consider the weather.  I was a few minutes late on account of the ice scraping I had to do before leaving.  It was 22 degrees on my way to the salon.  That's really cold even with the new down jacket I bought last week.

This afternoon I headed to my daily chiropractor appointment. N and I have both been going since we were rear ended last week.  On my way home it started snowing. The Texan in me wants to me excited that it's snowing outside but now that I live in Alaska snow just seems like a chore. I've already experienced bad drivers and am scared to think about what snow will do. It doesn't help with feeling cold either.

Nathanial has been really busy at work this week with lots of folks in town for a safety forum.  I attended the reception last night and was extremely impressed with how well the event turned out.  Their keynote speakers were mushers from the Iditarod and the entire day was designed around a "Pulling Together" theme. The favors were engraved dog tags and even the refreshments fit the theme. It was fascinating to learn more about the race.  The dogs were significantly smaller than I expected.  We spoke with one of the mushers who explained they race with Alaskan Huskies not the traditional Siberian Husky most people think of because of the speed the smaller dogs get.  Those dogs are much less notable in appearance and reminded me more of the greyhound breed. The musher also told us how they trained their dogs using a tapered approach much like a marathon training schedule. Right now they take the dogs out on four wheelers for short five mile runs and will continue to build until reaching 200 miles before the race.  I am looking forward to the actual race in March!

Because I can't stand posts without pictures, here's what our living room looks like (minus a lit fireplace.)

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