Friday, September 12, 2014

My Life is An Episode on HGTV

Since receiving the keys to our home close to three weeks ago, my time has been spent on a steady stream of home updates. I've replaced hardware, repainted, stained, and the list goes on and on.  We opted to get a cable package here and have been getting caught up on shows like Fixer Upper which features a pair of Baylor alumni flipping houses in Waco. After watching tons of episodes of home improvement shows, I can confidently say we are now living in our very own episode.

Here are some things HGTV didn't prepare me for.

The first purchase for our home was hardware and door knobs. Not the expensive area rug I had dreamed of.

I would master the art of small talk with contractors.

I knew some projects would take a few days but I didn't realize how inconvenient it would be to not have access to parts of our home.

There's a kitchen in that bubble.

Once our cabinets were painted, I thought I would have a functioning kitchen again.  My kitchen was usable for a day or two before half of our counter tops were installed.  The missing half which includes the sink and dishwasher is still awaiting installation five days later.  We are sick of eating out and I had already meal planned and grocery shopped for the week so I've been cooking dinner on one counter. 

Doesn't everyone wash dishes in the half bath sink?

I didn't realize that my most visited places in town would be Sherwin Williams and Home Depot.  I'm well in the double digit visit count these days. They even recognize me at Sherwin Williams. Meanwhile, I've only been to Target three times.

I didn't know about the awfulness of painting.

Painting isn't so bad in small rooms or until you fall off the ladder. I wouldn't recommend the ladder bit, it's painful and will require heating pad usage that would make Grandma Ada jealous.

Staining cabinet doors in the garage is good for a few things. It helps conditions you to the cooler climate, helps you get over your fear of spiders and other crawling creatures and helps prove your remodeling prowess.
I wasn't expecting men's socks to be the best staining tool.

I've been most looking forward to decorating our home.  That too has provided some gleanings I wasn't expecting.

I had no idea there was such a huge selection of regular curtains and small selection of blackout curtains. 

I didn't know what a challenge it would be to have items shipped.  All those sites that promise free shipping (i.e. Wayfair, Overstock, RugsUSA) don't extend those deals to Alaska.  Even if you find the same product (like the perfect canister set) on Amazon don't expect your Prime membership to cover it if they'll ship at all.

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