Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I woke up willingly at 4 a.m. Friday morning - that's not a typo and it didn't even involve an international flight.   Although, I wouldn't hate it if we were on a beach somewhere right about now. 

I woke up early to go fishing! I was so excited.  I hadn't gone fishing since we moved and that's a long time to not cast any lines. Nathanial and I met our friend Jae (who just so happens to also be our Associate Pastor and a fishing guide) at Ship Creek. I was surprised at the number of people already out there. We found a spot on the bank and started casting.  A spot opened up across the creek so we switched spots.  The tide hadn't come in when we started fishing so we were standing in thick mud. I was thankful for the cheap waterproof boots I found at Fred Meyer the night before. 

The tide didn't stay low for long. It was wild to watch it come in.  We kept having to move further up the bank. We finally called it a day when we were in the tree line with no further to go (and we were 2.5 hours in and hadn't caught any fish.)

             This is the tree line I referenced.   The water started out below where the tree shadows are.

I had the largest catch of the day. I caught a bridge.  The bridge has signs all over it that say "No fishing from bridge," but they didn't say anything about fishing FOR the bridge.  I also caught a tree and almost caught Nathanial. Side casting in the tree line is harder than it sounds. :) The company and views were fantastic.  We're looking forward to going again soon. 

Salmon fishing for a few hours before work - only in Alaska!

Last night involved some catching too.  We decided to check out the local dine in movie theater for a classic showing of "To Catch a Thief" starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.  The movie was wonderful.  It was charming and classy.  There were so many funny moments and it was refreshingly lacking vulgar words and raunchy love scenes. The overall experience wasn't so great.  We waited in line for nearly an hour to get in and then had to order our food from a counter prior to going into the movie.  The theater was jam packed which was an issue on a warm summer night with no AC.  The whole process could use some revamping but we were glad we could say we had been.  It was nice to try something new and fun to have a weeknight date.  

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