Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'd like to take a moment of silence to mourn the days of summer.  We're moving into Fall around here and the days of blue skies and long sunny nights are turning into days and nights of grey, colder temperatures and lots of rain.

I'm sad to see it go, because Alaska summer is the stuff dreams are made of - beautiful flowers, temperatures in the 60's with no humidity and lots of sun.  This summer was the first time I could understand how "outdoor people" exist and definitely the first time I wanted to be one.  But with beautiful scenery and constant light, it's hard to want to stay inside.

The only positive I've come up with is that I'll be able to break out my Ugg boots soon enough (26 going on 18 over here apparently.)

Aside from the thought of Ugg boots and vests, here are some things I'm loving lately.

Anchorage - It took a while for me to love it but I think the whole summer thing definitely helped. I'll never get used to living in a place this incredible.   See those pink/purple flowers in the foreground, that's called fireweed.  Legend has it when the fireweed blooms to the top and goes to seed, it's only six weeks to winter.  Yikes.  Other legends say the more bees in the summer, the harsher the winter. Let's all pray for that legend to be wrong because there was a lot of buzzing this summer and even with all the Ugg boots in the world, my Texas self just can't take a "harsh Alaskan winter."

Our refrigerator went out last week and while I certainly didn't love that, it's given us a chance to get out of the house for meals.  It went out on Thursday which happened to be National Hot Dog Day so we celebrated with reindeer dogs downtown.  Getting the fridge replaced is covered by our homeowner's warranty (thank you brilliant realtor) but that process is taking forever. I'm really loving a husband who is willing to be on hold for a few hours trying to get our claim processed.

These capris! I had heard rave reviews about the Zella active wear brand at Nordstrom but didn't buy into the hype.  Since they are on sale right now I decided to give them a try. The hype is true - every word.  I can't say enough good things about these pants! They are Lululemon quality but without the hefty price tag. These capris are the most comfortable workout pants I've ever owned. They don't fall down when I'm running which is nearly impossible to find in a pair of pants.  This style is called "Live In" and I can see why. I want to wear them ALL. THE. TIME.  Do yourself a favor and get a pair.  I haven't tried the long version but I have two patterns in my shopping cart just waiting to pull the trigger.

I've had several awesome hair days lately so you know I'm loving that.  Both straight and curly which never happens. My selfie game obviously needs some work but just appreciate the fact that I'm having good hair days in spite of not having my hair done in 5 months.

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