Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I have such a hard time writing new blog posts. I started this blog as a way to share a bit of Alaska with our friends and family back home so it's difficult to write about the day to day.  Life isn't always glaciers and moose. Sometimes we're just sitting at home watching Battle Bots and Nathanial is agreeing to watch Bachelor in Paradise with me as long as the raccoon in the commercial is on the show. Definitely not so glamorous.

Sometimes the most exciting thing going on around here is how many inches my asparagus plant grew over night. Although, let's be real, 4 inches overnight IS pretty exciting.

I've called our parents on FaceTime too many times to count to show them the progression of this asparagus so at least I'm just showing you a picture.  At N's genius suggestion, I've been measuring the growth every night.  Tonight the tallest stalk measured at over 35 inches.

Sometimes you give in and wear jeans and a t-shirt to work because you don't have any meetings. Of course that will be the day a news crew will call and want to do a story on a press release you pitched three weeks ago.  So then you'll go home in the middle of the day to change and be annoyed that you wasted both jeans and business clothes.  

                              (Watching the reporter do an interview)

Sometimes your moose obsession is so bad your husband says "Wow you must really love me if I get to replace a baby moose as your phone background."  

Mountains, blue skies and a handsome husband - these are a few of my favorite things.

Sometimes you realize you haven't told an embarrassing Alaskan story so you decided to include it with the rest of a jumbled post...

Let me set the scene...
A few weeks ago, we stumbled upon what has become Nathanial's  favorite place. It's a peaceful creek a little ways off the highway with the most turquoise waters and the best mountain views.  

He's been wanting to go back since our first trip there so one Friday evening he surprised me with hammocks to take down to the creek.   Keep in mind this is during a record high heatwave for Alaska (i.e. upper 80's with no air conditioning.) Also keep in mind the only other time I've used a hammock was on our honeymoon in Bora Bora.  

Knowing those two things, you might understand why I decided to wear a sundress and nice leather sandals. 

My first indication that our adventure wouldn't go well was when there were bear tracks near the steps.  But us Alaskans of 8 months can't be scared off by a few bear tracks so on we went.  The first time my foot got stuck in the mud (because it was low tide and everything was mud) should have been my second hint but yet we still keep going.  It wasn't until I slipped and slid down the bank getting my entire backside covered in mud that I decided we should turn around.  

The purple is hiding the mud.  Apparently I'm still not a wilderness girl.

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