Monday, June 29, 2015

Tourist Season

I'm back! What a busy few weeks it has been.  Since I last wrote, Nathanial and I had a great visit with my parents, celebrated the solstice and I even made it on the news with my job.  More on all of those things in another post.  Nathanial's grandparents are visiting us this week so I thought I would share some of our go-to activities.  We're becoming quite the tour guides these days.

If you come to visit, we will take you to:

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
The Wildlife Conservation Center is easily one of our favorite places in the whole state of Alaska. We've been 5 times in the 8 months since moving to Anchorage. As the name implies, the center is dedicated to conservation of Alaskan animals. They take in injured and orphaned animals and try to rehabilitate them. Those that can't be released into the wild, stay at the center.  I like to think of it as an open air zoo.  It's neat to see so many types of animals roam in large spaces. The mountain views aren't bad either.

Here are some of the shots we've taken on our trips there:

                                       My Dad took this awesome shot with a high powered lens.

The population of Wood Bison in Alaska was dwindling, so they actually spent the last decade raising a new herd.  They released them into the wild last month.

This time of year makes visits especially fun because there are lots of baby animals running around. The Center is raising a set of orphaned moose right now & I'm in love. I keep petitioning N for a pet moose but he hasn't bought into it yet.


Even Jeff Corwin (of Disney & Discovery Channel fame) thinks the moose are film worthy.

He was filming on our last visit.  

Flattop Mountain
The trailhead to Flat Top Mountain is only about 10 minutes from our house. During the winter, it was a favorite spot of ours to check out the sunset and watch for the Aurora Borealis.  This time of year it still makes for a great scenic overlook.

You may also recognize it from our Christmas card. I much prefer the area when it's not covered in snow.

Day Cruise
Regardless of the weather, Alaska is one of the most beautiful and majestic places I've ever seen. Winter or summer - it's easy to see God's handiwork in the beauty of the scenery. One of the best ways we've found to take it all in is by glacier cruise (or whale watching trip.)  Not only can you see glacier calving, but you'll probably also see puffins, otters, bald eagles and even whales. 

We'll take you to some unique eateries. From the world's best pepper steak at the Double Musky Inn or a reindeer dog from a street vendor, you'll definitely try something new.

Waterfalls and Creeks
Not much is more peaceful than the sound of water running through a creek or waterfall.  We've found some great spots.

I took this picture. It's amazing how much better photos on a digital camera look.

Saturday Market
Every weekend in the summer, a few hundred vendors set up tents at an outdoor market. It reminds of an event my hometown always had when I was growing up, so we love to take visitors to it.  Lots of unique gifts & music.

Mountain views and animals abound in Alaska.  Birds were never of any interest until I moved here and now even they are captivating.  And of course, we're always on the lookout for moose.

Can you spot the muskrat in this picture?

I spy a mom and two baby moose.

We still have a few weeks without guests this summer, so come see us! We'd love to show you Alaska.

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