Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Night the Lights Went Out in Anchorage

I'm on my way to a rocking 6-pack and I didn't even have to do any crunches. Apparently three days of a bad cough really uses some ab muscles. I've also been doing that natural look thing because blowing your nose every two minutes doesn't leave much make up on your face. Prayers for me and my sweet husband that I start feeling better.

Aside from being sick, things are going well. Nathanial made it to the North Slope and back last week. The weather there was iffy and more than half of the flights both coming and going were cancelled. 

I kept pretty busy while he was gone with a hectic week at work and training for my half marathon. 

My legs have been painfully tight the last few weeks so my runs have been getting harder. I got some compression socks and a stick roller which seemed to help a little. My coaches said I just needed to work through it. It's frustrating because it feels like my training is taking a step backwards. My speed is improving when I'm able to run full out so I'm hopeful this phase will pass quickly. 

I continue to be amazed at how beautiful Alaska is. Even when my legs hurt - sights like this mean I'm still running happy. 

Nathanial got home on Friday. I picked him up from the airport and then we headed to see a performance of Sister Act. It was such a great show - until the lights went out after the first act and didn't come back on. It was almost perfect timing with the normal light diming. Eventually a crew member came out on stage with a flash light and said they were canceling the rest of the show due to a downtown power outage. It was fun to watch the surrounding buildings evacuate. There was both a Neil Young concert and the inaugural Cannabis Classic (lol Alaska) happening across the street. What a motley crew. 

The Performing Arts Center offered to reseat us in one of the remaining shows so we got to see the rest of the musical on Sunday. It was hysterical.


The volunteer usher in our section did not like me taking this picture. Talk about feisty older people! 


  1. Sister act is my all time favorite movie. I have it on VHS (but I don't have a VHS player... I just can't throw it out!) and I watch it every time it's on TV. When's your half? Hope you're feeling better better!

    1. The musical was SO good. I've been wanting to watch the movie but it's not on Netflix or the other streaming sites. I may break down and buy it. My half is in July. This is definitely the most extensive training plan I've followed.