Monday, May 23, 2016

Celebrating: 2 Minutes of Fame

Howdy stranger. Good to see you again. To be honest, I'm impressed I even remembered the password to this blog. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement since my last post. My family is still in the midst of some pretty hard stuff but we're trusting God's plan and know that He works all things for good. 

Now that the deep stuff is out of the way, let's talk about my minutes of fame. Nathanial celebrated his 26th birthday a few weeks ago. I was determined to make the day as festive as possible from sun up to sun down. We had his favorite breakfast, we had the from scratch cake he requested and then we had so much fun with friends. 

I surprised Nathanial with tickets to opening day for a local baseball team and really surprised him when some of his best friends showed up. 

This is the mascot, not his friends. ;)

But the biggest surprise of the night was when the birthday boy and I were picked to play a game during the 7th inning.

We lucked out and got to play a drawing game and not some of the other crazier activities happening between innings. I wouldn't have been so excited if we had to wear chicken suits or play musical port-a-potties. 

We climbed up on the dugout and each of us had to draw the team's logo on a giant easel while a timer was going. Once time was up, the crowd voted with applause for the best drawing. I was too competitive to let Nathanial win but I did write Happy Birthday on my picture. 

The Skeeters won the game and we ended the night with an awesome fireworks show.

I wasn't able to cross Kiss Cam off my bucket list but this was nearly as good. 

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