Monday, February 8, 2016

I'm a Survivor

Everyone is complaining about how much food they ate yesterday. Not me. I guess that's one benefit of the Whole 30. I survived a Super Bowl party with plantain chips and La Croix. 

Want to know what else survived the weekend? My flash drive. I had a major freak out on Friday afternoon when my laptop got knocked over with my flash drive inside. The tip of my flash drive, which happened to contain important and irreplaceable files from my career, broke off. 

Brilliant husband to the rescue. 

Nathanial mentioned it could be salvaged with some quick soldering. A trip to Radio Shack and Lowe's later and we were in business. 

Of course Nathanial didn't tell me until after he was finished that he was never very good at soldering. 

I don't think many things exist that he's not good at. I'm happy to report the files were retrieved and backed up. 

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