Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Recap: A whole lot of boxes

This year I celebrated Black Friday by dressing in black and mourning the fact that we would spend the foreseeable future unpacking. 

Don't get my wrong, I LOVE our new house and am so happy to be reunited with our belongings after their voyage from Alaska; I'm just not thrilled at the prospect of unpacking from now until forever. I've seen beautiful mountains and they are not made at cardboard. 

After lots of work this weekend, we are finally making a dent in the boxes. Not to be confused with the dents the movers made in the boxes and every piece of furniture we own. No really. Our stuff has never looked worse. I'm really perplexed as to how everything could be so damaged when they used 5 pieces of paper to each item. We're in for a long process of paperwork, but fingers crossed we should compensated for the damage. What's a huge gouge on a headboard run these days? 

I'll also be getting to go on a shopping trip since the only box that didn't make it was my shoes. Oh well. Some of my heels probably needed replacing anyways. 

Besides unpacking, we spent our weekend watching football. Our cable provider can't make it out until next week (which is mostly disheartening because of all the good holiday movies I'm missing) so we watched games at wing places near where we live.  I'm ok with not having anything buffalo flavored for a while. Friday night's game was terrible 1) because my team lost and 2) because Buffalo Wild Wings soft drink machine was down. We take Diet Coke very seriously in the Wells house. 

I'm hoping to be done unpacking tonight and then be able to focus on fun stuff like decorating over the next few days. We'll also make it a priority to repaint as the previous owners had a love for bold colors (looking at you lime green and brown dining room).

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