Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Recap: Up in the Air

This weekend flew by. And by that I mean, Nathanial and I flew to Oklahoma by six flights and five different airports.  

Here's what I learned over the course of our travel-heavy weekend.

  • The best laid plans...
Nathanial and I both laid out our clothes for the trip Wednesday evening with the intention of leaving work a few minutes early on Thursday to pack before the airport. We both left work over an hour later than planned which left us scrambling to run errands and get packed before heading out.  We managed to get everything done and still hit the road pretty much on time. I was pleased until I noticed this while we were on the airport shuttle. 

Yep. Apparently in my rush I managed to grab two different shoes.   Taking airport fashion to a whole new level.

  • Airport food can be exciting
At least when you live in Alaska and deplane to see a Chick-Fil-A in the Minneapolis airport. I got pretty excited about the Sonic in the Tulsa airport too and I don't even like Sonic food.  But absence and lack of availability makes the heart grow fonder.

  • Time zone hopping is not for the faint of heart
Both of the trips to and from Oklahoma had three legs.  Both trips spanned two days. And both trips made me wonder where we were and what time it was.  
  • Little things go a long ways
The best of the six legs is also coincidentally the one that played Shake It Off before departure. Clearly Taylor Swift makes everything better. And so do Andes Mints at baggage claim.
  • I still love Mexican food
Because Mexican food in the Lower 48 actually tastes good, I easily could have eaten it at every meal.  We settled for one meal - one super awesome meal. 

  • The best family
I didn't have to travel all weekend to realize it, but Nathanial and I are really blessed to have such great families.  From loaning us a car to get around in, to picking us up at an airport two hours away, and even crossing state lines to have a meal together - we hit the family jackpot.

  • My brother will always be cooler than me
I texted my brother with excitement about Chick-Fil-A and he responded with this- a Si selfie. Clearly one of us has better travel luck than the other.  I'm pretty sure they even sat next to each other in First Class sipping ice tea.

  • I never want to be on the Amazing Race
Our flight from Salt Lake City to Seattle was delayed by 45 minutes which meant we landed as our flight from Seattle to Anchorage was supposed to be taking off. I looked up flights on the on-air wifi and saw the next flight to Anchorage wasn't until 10 a.m. the next morning.  Luckily, we got off the plane and were told the other plane was waiting on us.  Nathanial and I, along with 8 other people, ran through the airport. Running is not fun in flip flops, on stairs and pedestrian sidewalks.

  • I don't miss humidity or ice
The temperature was close to 90 the entire time we were in Oklahoma with really high humidity too. I have not missed temps like that in our time in Alaska. When we finally made it to Anchorage and back to our car around 2 in the morning to find ice on the windshield, I realized I hadn't missed freezing temperatures either.

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