Monday, September 14, 2015

So Alaskan : News Headlines Edition

This morning I had to laugh when browsing the news before work because the headlines pretty accurately summed up what it's like to live in Alaska.

  • Rockslide Closes Highway
Because giant rocks on the only major highway might be a problem.

Photo courtesy of Alaska Dispatch News

  • Man mauled by bear
I thought things like bear bells and bear spray were a joke when we first moved here.  But it's serious business.  I have yet to see a bear in the wild, but after reading this story I think I'm ok with that.

My favorite bears - the ones in enclosures at the Wildlife Conservation Center- were treated to the giant vegetables from the State Fair.

And a bonus picture.  This sign at the supermarket cracked me up.

  • Trick or Treat in the Heat
You know you're in Alaska when "Trick or Treat in the Heat" means 40 degrees and it's September. Also, because it's probably the only place where families pay to go trick or treating a month early.

  • Officials Warn of Spike in Beaver Fever Infections
Apparently residents should be weary of drinking stream water as the number of back country hunters leads to a spike in tainted water in the month of September.  Inquiring minds should know there was no mention of beavers in the article.

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