Friday, March 20, 2015

Boom goes the sunroof

ThIs weekend is off to a bang and a pop and lots of broken glass. It was an eventful Friday to say the least since my sunroof exploded while I was driving. No explanation or warning - it just exploded into a million pieces. After waiting more than 2 hours for a tow truck and fighting with the dealership about a rental car, we finally made it home. Apparently this isn't an uncommon issue with sunroofs. It will take a week for the glass to arrive from the lower 48...shipping in Alaska. I'm thankful I wasn't hurt and am hopeful the repair process will go smoothly. 

And now for some happier times. Here are my Friday favorites. I thought I would share what I can't get enough of lately. 

- Leopard print. My pre-teen self is so pleased with my love of leopard. Scarf, headband, shirts, sunglasses, socks, even my tennis shoe laces are leopard lately. Next on my wish list is a tortoise shell watch. 

- Running. My love of running (especially races) is back in full force. The only problem is more running means I want more gear. I've been eyeing Lululemon and a new Garmin watch. 

The temperature at the start of the Shamrock Shuffle was -3. I guess I can really call myself an Alaskan runner. 

- Performaces. Last weekend we saw Ira Glass, the host of This American Life. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Nathanial was downright giddy about the whole thing which made it even more fun. 

This weekend we're going to see Million Dollar Quartet. I think we're most looking forward to the Johnny Cash portion. 

- Northern Lights. One of my favorite things about living in Alaska is the Northern Lights. Most of the time we don't even end up seeing them but I love when we try. We drive up a mountain near our house. There's nothing better than the small moments star gazing with my wonderful husband away from everything. It's even more fun when you leave your house at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday. Talk about adventure. 

iPhone photos at night aren't the best, but here's a mountain view shot of the Anchorage skyline. 

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