Monday, August 29, 2016

Colorful Rain Showers

Two couples in our Sunday School class recently had babies so we decided to throw them a joint shower/sprinkle. 

One baby was a boy and the other a girl. That combined with my not volunteering to plan it until Wednesday (when the shower was Sunday) made for some interesting and busy days of crafting. A huge thank you to my wonderful husband who worked tirelessly alongside me to pull it all together. 

I decided to go with a rain cloud theme with various shades of blue and pink. 

I designed a quick invite and sent it out via email. 

I knew I wanted the rain drops to play a prominent role in the decor. I found a shape I liked and printed out tons of copies on different colors of card stock. It took me a few Netflix episodes but I got them all cut out. I used them for a backdrop and on the centerpieces. 

Our class is normally set up in long rows of chairs but that wouldn't be conducive to a shower. Nathanial headed up to church on Friday afternoon and set up some round tables. 

I found some blue tablecloths and then went about creating the centerpieces. I had a clear vision in my head and thought it would be simple to make some tissue paper clouds and attach the rain drops. The clouds were a disaster. There was tissue paper everywhere and no shapes resembling a cloud. So I ended up buying poster board and cutting out cloud shapes. I attached the rain drops with fishing line and tape. I used floral foam in buckets and a dowel rod to attach the rain clouds. Once I set them up on the table, I added some kisses to cover up the foam and fill the buckets. 

I also put some notecards out on the table with watercolor backgrounds and each couple's names. The idea with those was that we would "shower them with encouragement." 

By far, my favorite part of the decor was the rain cloud backdrop. I was overwhelmed with all the other details, so my amazing husband assembled it on his own. I loved it! 

I wanted something on the doors but thought there were probably enough clouds. I opted to make diaper wreaths. It was my first time but not my last. There were easy to put together once I got the hang of it. I cut out foam core initials for each wreath and then mod podged cute scrapbook paper on top. I loved how these turned out too. 

I was thrilled with how everything turned out and had such a good time celebrating these sweet babies. In fact,
I loved the theme so much that I was a little sad to trash the decorations at the end. Unfortunately rain clouds don't go with the decor in the rest of our house. 

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