Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Lately: Workout Edition

I've struggled lately to have something to say on this little blog of mine. Probably because life for the last few weeks has mostly been comprised of the normal day-to-day stuff and lots of hard work trying to get back in shape. Veggie pics and sweaty selfies aren't the most exciting thing to look at. Especially when snowy mountains are the standard. 

Getting back into shape is so much harder than it was to get out of shape. I'm looking forward to the day my face isn't red after a hard workout. I've caught the running bug again and have my sights on at least two half marathons this summer. Nathanial says running is the only free sport that is this expensive.

I completed my first sub-freezing 5K on Valentine's Day. The temperature was in the 20's and the whole course was ice or snow. I was relieved I got my shoes studded. 

I've also started Crossfitting again. I'm so grateful my friend Monica got me back into it. I forgot how much I enjoyed it (which is only easy to say on an off day.) 

Aside from my workouts, I've also overhauled my eating habits and am back to a more Paleo way of eating (hence all the veggies.) I'm blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband who will eat almost anything I put in front of him even if it's paleo meatloaf that substitutes the normal ingredients for some odd ones. He might even ask sweetly if I used a new recipe and then when thanked for his support may say "It's ok, I'm living vicariously through lunch."  

I can already tell a huge difference in how I feel because of my efforts and other people are starting to notice which is pretty awesome. I've already gotten several compliments and my gift from my secret sister at church was a bag of Smart  Water. I love that she bought my favorite brand and that me drinking water is a noticeable habit. 

This week I was scouring the produce section trying to add some variety and came across this crazy broccoli. I snapped a pic but decided I'd rather see it at the store than on my plate. 

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  1. Way to go, Michelle! Health=wealth!!