Monday, December 22, 2014

Sounds of the Season

This past weekend our church did something fun in the evening service.  The crowd got to shout out favorite Christmas songs for the worship team to lead. I was really impressed with Nathanial who had to transcribe the music as he site read. His trumpet really made some of the songs stand out. I requested We Three Kings so he could really shine but was ignored. They were going by age and as I was one of the youngest in the room I didn't really stand a chance.

The evening got me thinking about Christmas songs and what music represented the season for me.  

There are the traditional hymns like Silent Night and Joy to the World that remind me of a candlelit Christmas Eve service and even the caroling I did as a child. 

There's the Nutcracker score which reminds me of being in dance and the many times I've seen the Nutcracker ballet.

There's the actual Christmas song that reminds me of the Yule long burning video my Dad would play each year as we decorated the tree as a family. 

Even the Jingle Bell Rock, which I can't stand, reminds me of the holiday 
season. Now you might be wondering what's wrong with the Jingle Bell Rock as most people consider it a decent song. It was a decent song to me too maybe even one of my favorites until I spent my childhood on a jump rope team (it's a real thing - we were called The 
Palpitations) performing in Huntsville's annual Christmas parade. Jump roping for 4+ miles to the same song on repeat year after year did me in. I still remember the routine and have to change the station or the leave the room any time the song comes on. 

What songs remind you of Christmas? What's your favorite song and memory?

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